3D Flash Games

3D Flash Games

When you look at all of the games you have available at your fingertips online, you probably think that these types of games were always available. But that is not the case. Flash games were brought up as simple pixel games and from there they started to quite literally build up. Games like castle defenders or city tycoons were among some of the first basic 3D flash games that you could play on your computer for free or for a small price. Along with those tycoons and defenders, you had simple games that everyone knows and loves like Snake or clicker games.

But as technology went on and the graphics and mechanics of games got a lot better for computer play, more complex games started to come out and be made available for people to play and enjoy. Games that you might have loved as a kid or games that your kids love now, is all a small piece of a much bigger puzzle. 

No one thought that a snake game that you could play on your computer was ever going to turn into something more, every person playing it was just happy that now they had something random and fun they could play for hours on their computer and not on their tv.

Now there are games like Club Penguin and different diner dashing games that kids love to play because they are fun and they all came from that one simple pixel game. If no one took the risk and created a small 8bit snake game for the computer for everyone to play, we would not have companies like Origin or Steam that sell games for your computer.

And while a lot of people forget that flash games exist, they are still out there. There are dozens of games that you can play on your computer whenever you want and almost any computer can run them because they are made from the same system that created one of the first computer games for the browser.