Snail Bob

Snail Bob is one of those games that you find and play when no other game is available or if you are just bored with the other games that you have. But that doesn’t take away the value that this game has. It is one of the strangest and most intriguing adventures you will ever go on where the main character is a snail named Bob. He goes on many adventures all around his world and it is your job to help him get to where he is going so he doesn’t get lost, hurt or worse.

In the first at lives his life normally and is sleeping his day away when a wrecking ball comes flying through his home. He goes outside to realize that he now lives on a construction zone and has to find a new home. For the rest of the game your goal is to bring Bob to safety as he travels across the construction area and tries to find a new place to live. 

This is just one of the many adventures you will go on if you decide to bring Bob’s crazy life into yours. There are a total of 8 games and beyond that there are even 2 mobile versions of the first 2 games in the Snail Bob series. These 2 mobile versions are almost exactly like the desktop versions of the game but it is changed slightly with different levels due to the fact that they need to be made playable on a mobile device.

The second game in the series is when Bob gets invited to his grandpa snail’s birthday that he completely forgot about. So to him it’s a race against the clock as he finds a gift for his grandpa and tries to get to his house before the party starts so he can give his present.

The third game in the series you go to a museum with your grandpa and somehow get sucked into a time machine and Bob ends up in ancient Egypt where he has to fend off mummies and more to get to the time machine and go back home.

This game is truly one of a kind and if you are looking for something interestingly random to play, this might be the end to your search. The game is entertainment for adults and fun and education for kids. With the puzzles and obstacles that you must pass through the levels make this game a great one to teach problem solving and timing skills to your child. And since it’s a game, your kids will never know that they’re learning something.